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Map Reset - Official announcement



Since last 2 weeks we have been experiencing an issue called login timeout where players would timeout when trying to log in, after deep debugging and analyzing, I have found out this is due to our world aka server map. our current map is glitchy and bugged causing a lot of issues, including but not limited to causing the login timeout issue itself. After carefully considering it, we have decided to reset the server world completely and delete all the builds on the server. 

Now, this means all player made builds will be removed from the server, however players inventories, history, claims, and accounts will remain intact.

But do not panic! we will be moving your builds from the old map to the new one on request. if you want your build moved fill in an application at this link: https://atlanticcraft.net/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=16 using the appropriate format.

You will be contacted on discord for further details.

Please notice this is a one time only process, and it is best for us to do it right now while the server is still new instead of doing it later on when it might have bigger map and issues. All players will be given 32 larimars due to this reset, we expect full co-operation from your side and make our job easy and faster.

 For any issues/questions please contact me via dms on discord and I will have it sorted as soon as possible.

Join our discord server: https://discord.gg/hBVs8F4

Posted by iLearner at 2019-05-11 00:14:39.
Top Voters (april)

Hello! A new month is here, and as promised, today we are announcing top voters of the month as well as rewarding them for their help which is greatly appreciated! I'll go straight to the point and list the top 5 voters and their rewards below:

1.  Puchas | gets discord nitro (link will be sent through dm) and top voter role.
2.  BossySnowMan | Gets op armour and top voter role.
3.  Dez | Gets pvp set (axe, sword and bow) and top voter role.
4.  djelabb | Gets to choose between one of the legendary spawners (dm me) and top voter role.
5.  RamoHawk | Gets 6 crystallions and top voter role.

Congratulations! The @Top Voter role gets reset every month and is not permanent. All votes have now been reset and you may start voting again at atlanticcraft.net/vote. The votes are now live and can be checked with the ?recentvotes and ?topvoters commands on discord.

Join our discord server: https://discord.gg/hBVs8F4

Vote for us: https://www.atlanticcraft.net/vote

Visit our forum: https://www.atlanticcraft.net/forum

Posted by iLearner at 2019-05-01 01:20:33.
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