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AtlanticCraft Styx server launch!


As previously mentioned, our current 1.14.4 Minecraft server is not able to handle more than 30 players at the same time without lagging (average 20 tps with 30 players, we will not increase the cap to avoid the tps drops) and the current server is full most of the time, therefore, we have decided to launch a second server under AtlanticCraft domain on Minecraft version 1.4.4 named Styx.

Both servers will work almost the same way, although on the server we will be resetting the map completely, the spawners system will remain the same and so will AtlanticCraft plugin. the main reason for creating this second server is giving players a chance to play all the time instead of making them wait for a slot to become free.

We will be using the same discord server for both servers and forum will be brought back in order to keep everything clean and clear. All applications will be moved to the forum as well since we want to use the main website only for showcase purposes.

Staff will be shared among both servers meaning there's no specific staff for a server, if someone is a mod on the main server they are also a mod on the Styx server. 

Since we will be having 2 servers that almost the same we have decided to name the servers to make it easier to when addressing a server:

  • Our main server (old) will be called Atlantic.
  • Our new server will be called Styx.

Voting will remain the same, we will have users vote on our main server only, and reward them depending on the server they play.

Website panel will only track the main server for now, but integration for both is planned.

Logging will be done on both servers the same.

Accounts will be separated meaning the accounts are not shared on both servers, you will have to create a new account.

Moving from Atlantic to Styx is allowed, we will move your builds, claim blocks and such only once on request.

Verified role on discord will be shared among the server, meaning if you're verified on one server, you will be verified on the other too. (im not giving you 2 roles lmao)

CJ will in charge of the second server as well.

Server address:  styx.atlanticcraft.net

I hope I have cleared most of the doubts and questions related to this new server, if I have missed anything or you have further questions, do not hesitate to tag me at discord channel #support: Discord

I hope you guys have fun and happy gaming!!!

Posted by iLearner at 2019-08-28 15:23:58.
AtlanticCraft v2.0!

After a lot of testing, bug fixes and optimization AtlanticCraft version 2.0 is now officially here with Minecraft version 1.14.4, the changelog is below:

  • Server version has now been upgraded to 1.14.4 with the official paper release.
  • Old unused chunks and cp data has been purged, this will give us performance and storage boost.
  • Server crashes have now (hopefully) been fixed.
  • A lot of server related and java heap related optimization was done, thanks to Celebrimbor for his awesome guide and a core spigot/paper developer for the java flags guide.
  • A villager optimizer system has been added, this will allow us to have many villagers with only a slight level of lag
  •  You will no longer be placed on spawn upon joining but directly to your last login location.
  •  Clearlagg will now work more efficiently removing unused mobs and entities.
  •  React has been added, a performance improving plugin.
  • Anti x-ray has been added (thanks to paper)
  • public set homes have now been disabled if you need a public home for a PVP arena/shop or such, feel free to request i #support
  • Censoring system has been slightly changed in the game on player request.
  • The restricted creative plugin has been added, no more possible abuses from the staff team (thanks to @Peachy#9066 )
  • You will now also receive 3 claim blocks per vote.
  • An automatic timer to restart the server every 36 hours has been added to AtlanticCraft plugin (thanks to spigot api).
  • PVP protected player can no longer be killed using bows.
  • An issue with saving server-sided stats on server shutdown has now been fixed.
  • `/ignore` command has been added, ignoring someone will prevent them from sending you whispers and tpa requests. furthermore, their chat messages will also be ignored. (thanks to @raf#8259 and @𝓮𝓵𝓮𝓯🌼#0001 for their e x p l a n a t i o n)
  • PVP will now be allowed for everyone in minigames claims. enjoy
  • Server has been set into hard mode in beta phase for 2 weeks.
  • Mob cap has been adjusted for optimization reasons.
  • Due to people abusing it and making the server lag excessively, we have now limited 15 spawners per chunk. @everyone is warned to adjust their spawners and have only 15 per chunk or we will remove all of your spawners and no refunds will be made. you have 48 hours. :warning: :warning: 

Some changes are already implemented others will be implemented tonight

Don't forget to give your idea/suggestions and report bugs on discord in #bugs-ideas channel. 

We hope you enjoy the new experience. 

Posted by iLearner at 2019-08-19 16:05:54.
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