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PvP Rules
It has been brought to our attention that certain players have been using PvP to ruin people's experience on the AtlanticCraft server. This can cause arguments between players and ultimately we would like to avoid that. To help combat this we have created some simple PvP Rules.

Rules for general PvP / Player owned Arenas (/home, /tpa, /rtp) [including admin arenas]

- You are allowed to run from any fight unless you agree otherwise to do so.

- You are not allowed to use claims to prevent people from escaping PvP in the wilderness (you are allowed to PvP in an enclosed area as long as both parties agree to this beforehand)

- You are not allowed to torment any player by gaining access to their home location and constantly killing them, (You are allowed to do this once but cannot do this over a period of time consistently)

- You are not allowed to trick players into teleporting to you with the sole purpose of killing them.

- You are allowed to build your own pvp arena if you would like to do so, providing that it is not set up in a way to steal loot from players.

- You are not allowed to use an invisibility potion to take loot from players

Rules for PvP in an Admin Arena (/warp)

- You are not allowed to use any glitch, exploit, or hack to escape from a PvP Arena once entered

- All fight in an Admin Arena will be until the death unless both parties agree to otherwise.

- You must not use any command to give you a unfair advantage in PvP

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