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Zigger2nd greif + tp kill
Your In-game name: Grat_
Reported players name: Zigger2nd (and DragonLoverGirl was the person Zigger2nd tped to kill me)
What server is the reported player on? (Discord, SA:MP, FORUM): On the minecraft server at my home
Reason for reporting: greifed our base with a huge lava fountain and tped someone to kill me and my friend
Post your valid proof (Screenshots/videos/audio/logs): I don't know how to put images drag and drop doesn't work so please message me on discord Grat#9983 I have a screenshot of him with the lava fountain behind
Extra comments: he killed all my hardly gained mobs too (skeleton horse + villagers)
I like Atlantic Craft
This was solved by lux afaik.

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