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How Clydism saved my life.
This is a story of how Clydism saved my life.

I used to be very depressed, without meaning in my life. No goal. Just self-loathing hate towards myself.
But this was all bound to change. I have gotten a teleport request from a player named "Clyde". He wrote "dude accept i giv u like 20 larimar". I thought to myself, surely this has to be a scam.
And so i wrote /tpaccept.
Seconds later I was murdered by that person, as he wrote "gg ez lol".
For some reason he invited me to his home, and again, I accepted. He then proceeded to burn my stuff infront of my eyes. To which I wrote "coolbeans".
Later on, he continued murdering me at his home.

Some time has passed, as we wrote back and forth. Eventually he got frickin' rekt by TheHispanicKid. Lmao noob.
I decided to buy his maxed sword. With. Stuff.
I was never keen on PVP within minecraft, but I wanted to atleast attempt it, i suppose. As the days passed by I never really tried to PVP anyone, just slaughtered mobs I found.
But one day. All that changed.

I've been invited by a random player to his home, I was having a rough day at the time, and he was being a pp towards me. And I've decided, enough is enough, and commited mmmmmurder hYuk on him.
The pop sound satisfied me. His items blooming on the floor. The tears flowing. The chat spamming "why did u do that omg u tard".
Is this what Clydism is? If so. It gave me an unimaginable high.

So I did it again. And again. And again.

It was like a drug. But. Better.
The addiction of murdering players that literally did nothing wrong to you but just so happend to be there.
I've noticed something changed. I was, actually smiling. And I felt satisfied.
I felt, good, I felt, Happy, I felt. Alive.

Praise be the Cubic one
    _ _ _
yes ok
Dude go get your back checked out.
(04-29-2019, 07:34 PM)Sanian Wrote: Dude go get your back checked out.

Oh I probably will. My right toe has went permanently numb and I'm kinda worried
clydism is a lie.
D is for Death
[Image: Click-here.png]
Clydeism is tru
beware of overdosing on Clydeism  you find yourself wering a french maids outfit 

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