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Faction War Details
[Battle Details]

>Battle Zone

-The battle will take place in a predetermined area, surrounded by high glass walls that allows sunlight but no unwanted visitors within the warzone. The area WILL be in a claim, disabling tpa and /home completely.

-Players who do not take part in the event can NOT enter the area. Being caught within the area if you are not one of the teams will result in serious consequences.

-Within the battle zone, teams are allowed to build their bases; yet the bases can not be bigger than 70x70 and they strictly can not be underground. Your base does not have to be accessable by other players but it has to be seen by them and it HAS to be on ground.

-The size of the battlezone will depend on the amount of teams participating. The starter size is 500x500 and each team who participates will expand the zone by 90x90

-Since the bases have to be on ground, you are free to protect your bases with high and strong walls, towers, chasms etc.

>Battle Rules

-Enchanted Diamond gear will be distributed to each and every single member of your team. The kit will include a prot IV diamond set and a semi-strong Diamond sword along side with a Pickaxe, Axe and a shovel.

-Overusage of Enchanted Golden Apples, a.k.a Notch Apples is not allowed. You can use up to 5 but no more in a fight with each time you clash with a team.

-Preparation phase is meant to be the timespan where teams can build their bases and gear up peacefully. Killing any team members/enemy team members will result in a penalty to your team and a punishment to your account.

-You can set traps IN your bases, as long as you don't overdo it and tp-bait people in these traps.(edited)

>War System & Additional Info
-Your team, has a total of 5 Lives. When a total of 5 players die(or a member dies 5 times, 2 players die 3 and 2 times etc.) you get the jest, when your team RUNS OUT OF LIVES: You are out. Leave the warzone, return back to your daily bussiness.

-Your team has to have a known base and a submitted banner for the sake of healthy scoring. You can use any kind of a banner as long as the same design has not been yet submitted.

-Holding battle loot is allowed, no repays will be done within the war. You are responsible for your gear and it's protection.

-It's highly reccomended that you call in OPs to monitor the battle, you can also record the battle if you wish to watch it later/detect possible rule breaches.

-You CAN NOT claim your bases, nor camp in your base for the entire game. Yet you can choose to be a builder for your team and opt out from fighting if you let me know.(edited)


Day 1-5: Preparation Phase: In this phase, you are allowed to build your bases. AS GRIEFING WILL  ALLOWED DURING THE WAR PHASE, you better build strongest defenses you can think of.

Day 5-9: Battle Phase: During this phase, you are free to attack players inside or  outside their bases. Record each kill you get for the sake of scoring. It's also suggested that you call in server Operators to monitor the battle if they are free.

Day 9-10: Result Phase: Where scores are recorded and kill counts are pulled from the logs/reported by battle monitors.

Day 10-11: Rewarding Phase: Where rewards are distributed to the winning team.

I hope you participate and enjoy the event, DM me in case of possible questions you have Smile

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