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Rules and Format [READ FIRST]

You may submit an application in this board if you need one of your builds moved, we only move your builds if you have a valid reason, valid reasons are:
  • Your build is in a buggy location.
  • You want to move near your friend/friends.
  • You have been allowed by management+ (you still need to apply).
  • Your build is too close to someone and both have an issue with it.
if you have a valid reason, you may proceed to post an application using the format below:
Quote:What's in your IGN?: 
Why do you want to move your build?:
Have you moved your build recently?:
What's your discord username and discriminator?:
Anything else?:

Please remember the build must be claimed by you.
You will be contacted on discord for further details by responsible moderator. 

Applications can be handled by all moderators+. 

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