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Group chat :/ or continue /w
Sooooo Ive been wodering i have like ateam and we are planing something some dont have discord soo we /w them alot but its also getiing mannoyin that we have to type /w althe time soo i wondered can u OP juts make it that it would continue until u backpsace evrything? 

Sencond when we are planing defend or attacks on enemies we have to go to discord and /w others but i wanna add a group chat like /gc <GorupChat> <message> but also can continue until uu back space evrything continue only /gc <GorupChat> and make new commans like /gc create , /gc invite, /gc uninvite,/gc leave and others just to make teaming ealsiy also some like /gcdeny and /gcaccept

OR called party
:3 pls for us to finnaly plan on a attack and defense directly againsts _________

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