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Spawners system
Mob spawners plugin has been added to the server (the plugin was made by myself, designed for this server). You can now obtain mob spawners by either mining them from mineshafts and nether or by purchasing them from the spawn shop, below I'll be explaining shortly how they work.

Mob spawner type cannot be changed, mob spawner type gets automatically set to 1 random mob (the odds are stated below) when you mine it for the first time, and cannot be changed even if you place and mine it again.

Mob spawners are divided into 5 categories, depending on their rarity:

Super Legendary mob spawners (0.1% chance):
• Ender dragon
• Evoker
• Wither boss

Legendary mob spawners (2% chance): • Iron Golem • Vindicator • Drowned Epic mob spawners (8% chance):
• Zombie Pigman
• Skeleton
• Blaze
• Wither_Skeleton
• Dolphin
• Skeleton horse
• Creeper
• Shulker

Rare mob spawners (20% chance):
• Zombie
• Enderman
• Ghast
• Magma Cube
• Stray
• Villager
• Mooshroom cow
• Llama
• Witch
• Squid
• Guardian
• Slime

Normal mob spawners (70% chance):
• Chicken
• Cow
• Horse
• Snow man
• Pig
• Parrot
• Sheep
• Turtle
• Wolf
• Polar bear
• Spider
• Husk
• Cave Spider
• Salmon
• pufferfish
• Donkey
• Zombie horse
• Phantom
• Illusioner
• Mule
• Rabbit
• Vex
• Ocelot

All spawners are logged into the database to avoid any kind of bug abuse by players and staff, any kind of abuse of this system may result in a temporary or permanent ban.
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